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Salem Oregon Catering
Salem Oregon Catering
For Catering Services Only, located in Marion and Polk County area.
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For Catering Services Only, located in Marion and Polk County area.
 Hurry, Only 50 Catering Discount Vouchers Available!
Catering Salem Oregon

Call Us Now (503) 371-7678

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Salem Oregon Catering
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Benefits of Hiring a Catering Salem Oregon Service for Your Event

Are you planning a big event or a business meeting? Maybe it’s a wedding, a party or any big gathering. No matter what you are planning, you certainly need your guests to enjoy their time at your event. If you want to have the best event, then you should consider hiring Salem Catering Pros.

Catering Salem Oregon Makes your Event More Social

  • Help you plan your event: Catering services will help you plan your event. They have a team of professionals that will ensure your event is successful. They offer a variety of flowers, themes, transportation, invitations, beverages, photographers, videographers, and more.
  • Economical: There are many benefits of hiring catering Salem Oregon services in Woodburn, Silverton, and Salem. Hiring catering services will ensure you stay within your budget while meeting all the needs of your guests.
  • With Catering Salem Oregon Services: Catering is a service that gives all kinds of food as well as drinks to different kinds of events, presentations, as well as events. Usually, it is used by facilities where these services are needed, such as hotels, event halls, as well as business, consisting of the leasing of their establishment. It is typical at birthdays, organization conferences as well as weddings.
  •  Your guest will have more options: Catering services give your guests more options. This will lead to reduced food consumption as well as less waste. They will also not be stuck with dishes they don’t enjoy.
Wedding event catering includes the very same solutions as a traditional food catering such as food, beverages, table bed linen, cutlery. A wedding celebration catering differs from the remainder given that the bride and also bridegroom can pick an individualized solution. 
Aside from gastronomy, a wedding providing a solution provides the rental of areas, camping tents, furniture or home entertainment. By doing this, the wedding celebration will certainly have all the essential aspects to be an ideal event.

Call Us Now (503) 371-7678

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From The Owner
- Alfonso Hernandez
- Alfonso Hernandez
  • Fresh Ingredients
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"Our Taco Shop has resided in the Salem area for over 5 years. My staff and I are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, using only the finest fresh ingredients in our dishes for a suburb catering experience."
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Explore Beautiful Salem, Oregon

Salem is the capital of the state of Oregon, located about an hour's drive from Portland and also located within an hour's driving distance of both the ocean and the Cascade Mountains. The city itself is surround by beautiful gardens and field after field of vineyards, flowers and a sea of luscious green. 
It get's better don't even have to go outside of Salem to find 90 acres of beautiful fields and luscious botanical gardens bursting with color at Bush's Pasture Park! Spend a day at the park, have a picnic, play sports, ride your your bike down the many wandering bike trails and much more!

Next you can hit up the Willamette Valley Cheese Company where you can taste award-winning Gouda cheese as well as Brie, Cheddar and much more. All cheeses are certified organic!

Then you can head out and visit the many gorgeous vineyards and enjoy, you guessed it, more cheese! Come visit beautiful Salem, Oregon today!

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